Jun. 14th, 2009 10:58 pm
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[ profile] wook77 popped my cherry last Saturday! *laughs* My fandom meet up cherry that is! She's the first fandom person I've ever met in RL and meeting her has put my mind at ease about meeting fandom people in RL. She's quite lovely and I had a ton of fun! We had rootbeer floats, milkshakes and fries while discussing everything under the sun and roaming the mall. We must do it again *nods* :D

[ profile] weasleywench has generously made a PDF version of Carpe Draconis! Now this was my first novel length fic and it was one of the things that convinced me I could write my own OC novel someday. And although this was started in November of '04, meaning not even a mention of the sixth book (let alone the last) and is littered with a slew of (now) questionable word choices and literary trope, I am still very much in love with it. *laughs* I wrote this story when I was still enchanted by the limitless possibility that fandom afforded me. Hee! I was also an impressionable twenty two year old at the time. *snorts* Hence I bring you the Ice Prince of Slytherin also known as the Slytherin Sex God (remember those days?! *laughs*), oblivious but earnest & brave! Harry, mentor! Snape, scheming! Lucius, loving mom! Narcissa, and manipulative but well-intentioned! Dumbledore. Did I mention sword fights? And a fully restored Voldemort after everyone's arse? *laughs* Click the link below if you want a copy of it. :)

Click to download [2.7MB]

♦ I have two tickets to the HBP showing during Azkatraz. Does anybody want them? Let me know! I have until Tuesday to claim them :)
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