Aug. 31st, 2009

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It is embarrassing that I haven't posted fic for so long that I've forgotten how to code things here on LJ! *headdesk* I am obviously made of fail. But I am finally posting some FIC and an UPDATE at that. How can I not when it is [ profile] kit84's birthday (er, it was but this still counts! I am just really slow)?! Kit, luv, I know you don't read H/D anynmore. Hell, you might not even remember this 'verse but I promised you long ago that the prequels would be written for your birthday. So here is my annual blood sacrifice birthday gift to you! I hope you still remember enjoy it! ♥

Title: The Third Sin 3/7 of The Seven Sins Arc)
Author: Aoife Malfoy [ profile] aoifene
Pairing: Eventual H/D
Genre: Dark/Humour
Rating: NC-17 for language, violence and sex (in later chapters)
Beta: the always lovely [ profile] jamie2109
Warnings: AU. Post HBP. (Yes, going old school)
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is property of JKR, only borrowing for my own twisted means.

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o3- Sloth | Acedia
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AN: Yes, this is a story with an ending already written. These prequels were requested by my lovely [ profile] kit84 to provide a better insight to the Seventh Sin. You can read the end if you wish or wait until the remaining sins have been committed. It is, as always, your choice.

Also, forgive my rustiness. It truly has been awhile. I hope you all enjoyed it. <3

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