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Crap! This is horribly late! So very sorry! *hides*

Title: Sentences (Set 10 Part C)
Author: Aoife Malfoy [ profile] aoifene
Pairing: H/D
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff (It's already been an angsty week for us all! lol)
Beta: None. All the stupid mistakes are mine.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is still not mine. *wibble*
AN:/ These drabbles are not connected to each other in anyway

Perfection for [ profile] camillily

It was perfect.

Of course, he had an allergic reaction to the roses Potter brought. They were late for their table reservation and had to leave the fancy restaurant. They had to settle for the Leaky, forced to withstand soggy chips and stale beer. The pub ran out of Floo powder and they had to walk in the rain to reach another working one. To top it all off, they were both sprayed liberally in the face with puddle water when a speeding taxi went by.

But all he could remember was this.

Harry’s apologetic face as he frantically banished the roses. Harry’s bright smile when Draco didn’t insist that he use his name to snag them a table. The laughter shared between them as they talked about the past, present, and future in the cramped space of those well worn booths. The feel of Harry’s hand on his that kept the chill of the persistent rain at bay. And the sweetness of the kiss they shared on the rain soaked street.

All he could remember was falling in love.

It was perfect.

Party for [ profile] catsintheattic
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AN: I think we all could use a bit of love these days. *laughs* You can read the previous rounds of the Sentence game here

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