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Title: Equivalent Exchange
Author: [ profile] aoifene
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist (My first FMA fic. Be gentle with me? lol)
Pairing: None. Edward-centric
Warnings: Takes place at the tail end of Episode 51.
Word count: 300
Summary: He'll do anything just to see him smile again.
Dedication: Only my lovely [ profile] lillithium's birthday can drag me out of my hiatus hibernation to write fic from a new fandom! Happy Birthday, honey! Hope your day gets heaps better quick. ♥

Oddly enough when he’s finally able to grasp the full horror of his brother’s fate, he is calm. His chest is hurting, of course, and his lips are dry and salty but that is all. Words of fury no longer escape his lips and there is no more of that useless ranting to a god that has long been deaf to his cries. He is, in a sense, more peaceful that he’s ever been in the last four years. His voice is steady as cool gold meets worried brown.

“What about you, Edward?”

“I’ll destroy this place so no one can ever think to make a Philosopher’s stone again.”

“But you’ll find your way out, right? After all you have perfect legs to walk with now.”

He merely smiles and hides behind it. Lets her see a truth to the lie they both knew. She doesn’t need to see this. Perhaps it is already enough that she knows and doesn’t hold him back.

There is only one thing left for him now. His baby brother has paid the ultimate price for his sin. And though justice isn't weighed in equivalent exchange, Ed knows what his life was worth and he is certain that his brother is owed a fair amount of change.

He intends to get it back.

For his brother.

This time when he writes out the array on his skin his hands do not shake. His eyes are as dry as the stale air around him and his lips are twisted into a parody of a smile. He can already feel the alchemy around him, cackling through the air, ready to do his bidding.

He breathes deeply and savors the solid sound of flesh hitting flesh one last time.

He opens his eyes and grants his own wish.

The end.

*flees back to H/D*
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